Here are the data sets of DRSP and the associated programs.


  • Substitution Data List
  • Substitution list contains the informations of the unidirectional single amino acid substitution such as related length, site, secnondary stucture, solvent accessibility, backbone hydrogen bonds, main chain preference and side chain preference.

  • Substitution Pairs PDB Files
  • The substitution pairs PDB files are packed into separate folders named as the combination of the two chains` five letters name, such as "1duyE_3mztF". Each folder has three PDB files, two of them are the original structure data, the other is the structure data of the first one superposed onto the second one according to the folder`s name.


  • ProMut
  • ProMut is used to identify pairs of single poing mutation with sequence alignment and superimpose backbones of the flanking residues of the point mutation residue with the Jacobi eigenvalue algorithm.

  • BackboneHB
  • BackboneHB is used to identify the hydrogen bond between protein backbone atoms.